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Online Dating App Tips Bathroom Selfie

For this tip we are going to talk about the ever-dreaded dating profile killer; the Bathroom Selfie. You know the feeling, ladies. He looks great, sounds great, and you’re clicking through his pics thinking about what to say in your first message when BAM! You hit that bathroom selfie and it’s game over.

Bathroom Problems

Gentlemen, no, please, no. You may look really great that day. Maybe many people even told you so. You’ve been workin’ those abs too. Problem is, women will ALWAYS notice that background and if you have a bedroom mess behind you, it’s over for you.  Mess or not, women are just plain turned off by the unwarranted glimpse into your bathroom. It is an over-personal awkward feeling, seeing you there. Trust me, they will barely notice your “hot” look. First impressions are NOT the time to remind the ladies that, “Everybody Poops“.

Solutions To Those Problems

Data has actually shown that men who include photos of themselves looking away from the camera get more responses. First, ask a friend to take a candid pic of you at the beach if you want to show off your bod. Next, grab that pic from the event when you were dressed well for work. Finally, get a shot from a friend when you go out one night. If you’re alone and short on time, at least use the timer on your smartphone cam. Remember, the mirror is not your friend! Maybe do it outside. At least get out of the bathroom…AND the bedroom. All in due time, guys. For now, please be mindful of your background.

Expert Advice

Most of our female clients click away from men’s dating profiles if they include any type of selfie…especially shirtless selfies, and worse…shirtless bathroom selfies. This tactic can negatively imply things about you. First thing to know is, women dating online often assume men with selfies in their dating profile are shallow and self-obsessed, or not confident enough to ask someone else to take their photo. Aim for pics that highlight your personality and hobbies. A great dating profile tip is to include a minimum of one clear headshot, one candid (maybe with a nice smile), one clean-cut full-length picture of you dressed nicely, and one shot taken (candid or posed) while doing something you love. Mirror pics and shirtless selfies backfire big time for men when dating women online, so bottom line guys…selfies are a DO NOT!

Written by Jane Rudes

Jane Rudes is a Communication Consultant as well as the Online Division Director at Project Soulmate. Jane is happy to speak with interested prospective online clients about their online profile and other common online dating woes. 

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