First dates outfits

First dates don’t have to mean panic! You’re nervous about that first date enough, whether it’s worrying about what to say and what not to say, or wondering will this person like me and will I like them. There are little things you can do with your wardrobe to get one big worry off your plate. One less thing to think about and plan for before that first date can make a world of difference!

Before the First Date: You should be getting dressed, not stressed.

We recommend being set up at all times for first dates. Having a go-to look in mind ahead of time can save you a ton of stress (especially when you’re the type who likes to dig through every item you own and build a mountain of clothes on your bed).

A set of designated outfits for all your future first dates can transform your attitude. When it comes to your very first time meeting someone new, feeling ready, confident and attractive will make all the difference.

Yahoo Lifestyle host Sandra Vergara sat down with professional matchmakers Lori Zaslow and Jennifer Zucher to concoct the perfect outfit for any first date. Yes, there is such a thing!

“Everyone needs to have their favorite first date outfit,” Zucher says.

Project Soulmate date night experts have timeless recommendations for what you can wear on that special day.

Beyond the First Date: Dress to impress and with the future in mind

When it comes to a first date, consider what kind of message your outfit might be sending. Strike a balance.

“A lot of people are thinking down the road when they see somebody on a first date, ‘Do I want to go on a second date with this person?’” Zucher says.

To get perfect marks on this first impression, a good mix of conservative with a little bit of edge is ideal. Keep in mind, though, there’s a fine line between edgy and over the top.

“Your goal is to nail the date, not get nailed on the date,” Zaslow jokes.

Confident first dates: Essentials for your closet

When it comes to your wardrobe, here are some items the matchmakers say are crucial.

For every woman, there are a few essentials Zucher says should be in their closet. Classic staples like wrap dresses and dark jeans are on the list. The experts say a wrap dress gives off just enough sex appeal, while keeping your look appropriate for a first date. Not mention…it’s just easy! Additionally, “You cannot go wrong with black pants,” Zucher says. “You can put them on at any time.”

Also a must? Shapewear. Zaslow says tucking in any hanging skin can help you feel and exude all the confidence in the world.

For men, be sure to have a clean, pressed and crisp white button down shirt handy. Pair that with a classy pair of dark jeans and this outfit can work for most first date locations.

Wear what makes you feel good on first dates

The first date is all about putting your best foot forward, and that requires a bit of confidence. To feel your best, the matchmakers recommend dressing your best from head-to-toe. Surprisingly, this also includes wearing some of your best undergarments.

The reason is not “just incase” you go home together on the first date. The experts at Project Soulmate specifically recommend not doing so. The reason for wearing quality undergarments is actually: “It makes you feel good!” Zucher says.

Don’t forget a comfortable top for the days you don’t feel your best!  For Zucher, a black top is perfect for making you feel good no matter what. She says the top is perfect “for those days you don’t feel good, you feel bloated, you had a big lunch, you have your period.”

First Dates: Final Thoughts

What makes you the most attractive on a date is feeling good about yourself. That’s it!