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It Takes a Lot of Money to Look This Good

Lori Zaslow runs her own matchmaking business,, but for a long time her look suggested less entrepreneur than anything goes. When she finally decided she needed a more sophisticated persona, she…  Read the Article

What is a “Buddymoon” and should you do it?

On Fox5NY – Lori Zaslow weighs in on “Buddymoons” (inviting friends along on your Honeymoon) l!  Watch Video

December 11th is National Breakup Day – See what Lori Zaslow has to say about it!

On Fox5NY – Lori Zaslow talks about the upside of National Breakup Day being in December.  Watch Video

Here‘s What It’s Like To Be Setup By A Matchmaker

Read what it was like to use Project Soulmate as a matchmaker from 2 people’s perspective. Read the Article

Three Ways To Rescue Your Relationship!

Lori Zaslow goes on The Meredith Vieira Show to give some great advice on ways to help you strengthen your relationship. WATCH VIDEO

Too Outrageous To Be True: Preschool For Adults?!

Lori Zaslow appears on The Meredith Vieira Show to discuss pole dancing as art, botox for your hairline, preschool of r adults and more. WATCH VIDEO

BRAVO’s Matchmaking Experts Offer a New Route to Finding Love

Is finding love in a hopeless place (looking at you, New York City) really possible outside of Rihanna’s world? Polar vortexes, constant sirens and ninety hour work weeks don’t exactly scream romance. But two Manhattanites are out to revolutionize the ways urban singles meet and mingle. READ MORE

‘Love Broker’ Series Premiere: Lori Turns Down A Potential Client

Lori Zaslow is the “Love Broker”. On the series premiere, the straight-talking New Yorker demonstrated that she won’t take on just any client for her matchmaking services. READ MORE

Wide Open for Love

Lori Zaslow leads her clients to their soul mates. WATCH VIDEO

Two Experts Pick Top Three Date Spots In The Big Apple

Summer is the best time to find love in New York City, but with so many options of things to do and places to go on dates we all need a little guidance. So it’s the cast of Bravo’s Love Broker to the rescue with matchmakers Lori Zaslow and Jen Zucher giving their top three date spots downtown. READ MORE

The ‘Love Broker’ On Real Estate And Romance

“Love Broker” follows natural beauty Lori Zaslow, from matchmaking firm “Project Soulmate,” as she tries to help New Yorkers find love. Zaslow’s partner (and childhood friend from sleep-away camp) Jenn Zucher has worked in real estate for 12 years and is a broker for Plaza Real Estate, a boutique upper East Side firm. READ MORE

TV Review: Love Broker

Married for more than a decade, Lori Zaslow’s found her happily ever after — and the straight-talking matchmaker (above, center) wants to do the same for her clients. Whether role-playing first dates or scoping hotties on the street, the dynamo is serious about the business of soul mates, ensuring you’ll want to see this fun new series again. READ MORE

‘Love Broker’ Is The Ultimate Matchmaking Show

Get ready to find your soulmate! spoke to the gorgeous Lori Zaslow and Jennifer Zucher of Bravo’s new dating show Love Broker, which premieres March 5, and we think you’ll become obsessed! Forget everything you’ve ever seen on Millionaire Matchmaker because this show will be your ultimate dating guide! READ MORE

Real Life Real Love Real Simple