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From their very own national television show, to frequent appearances as dating and love experts on national talk shows and network news segments, Manhattan matchmakers Lori Zaslow and Jenn Zucher of Project Soulmate, BRAVO TV’s “Love Brokers”, have become the country’s leading matchmakers.

When Lori and Jenn, childhood friends, matched themselves together nearly 10 years ago to form Project Soulmate, the “business chemistry” was instantaneous, and their success at finding “love chemistry” for their clients soon followed.

“Matchmaking is an art- not a science”, says Lori. “I feel like an artist sometimes, envisioning how two people could beautifully blend together, and then trying to bring that vision to life”. “We look at all the objective factors our clients provide about who they are looking for, and then we add a mix of our experiences and sixth-senses for dating and relationships to make a match”, adds Jenn.

Project Soulmate is about exposing people to ideas, to other people, and even sometimes to a new way of thinking about love and dating. The principals work with each client to reach a consensus as to who will be a client’s potential match and potential soulmate.

“Lack of time and some bad experiences affect our clients’ dating lives”, says Jenn. We work our hearts-out to get our clients back in the game and back on track”, she adds. The Project Soulmate principals and the Project Soulmate team do all of the time-consuming legwork for clients. They do extensive screening of potential dates, and schedule date times and locations. “Our favorite part is talking with clients about how things went on the date, what our client loved, what needs tweaking, and how we can improve-upon each experience”, says Jenn. Adds Lori, “Of course, our goal is that we hit the mark on the first date- but, if not, we learn, so that we can get our client the result he or she is seeking….which is, of course, to find love”. 

Project Soulmate also offers unique online dating services. Clients who use Project Soulmate’s online dating services experience a tremendous increase in positive online interactions.

The Project Soulmate team uses a refined and proven combination of off-line interviews, online profile management, and personal discussions to ensure matchmaking success. Search the Project Soulmate website and learn more about who we are and how we work.

Whether this will be your first real romance or a second chance at love, Project Soulmate is extremely passionate about helping you meet your other half. Project Soulmate will find the half- who makes you whole.

See What Our Clients Are Saying

Seth K.

Thanks to Jenn and Lori I have met the love of my life and made two new friends. Thanks for all the wonderful guidance ladies.

Karen S.

I will be referring all my single friends. I trust Lori and Jenn—they are truly talented in matchmaking!

Samantha K.

Lori and Jenn helped me to find myself and love again after I lost my husband of 14 years…they are miracle workers.

Stephanie A.

I have learned more about dating from Lori and Jenn in the past six months than I have been able to figure out on my own over the past 27 years. Their advice is practical, realistic, and they genuinely care about people learning the process of love. I am so thankful for them and all of their guidance.

Jeff E. & Farrah F.

During my single days in Manhattan, I found it almost impossible to meet “the one”. Well, Jenn and Lori certainly solved my problem. I highly recommend them to all of the single people out there looking to get married. One day they may put all of the dating websites out of business!! We are thankful everyday for not only your friendship over the years but introducing the two of us. November 30, 2013 was the happiest day of our lives and we owe it all to you Jenn and Lori. We love you!

Josh G.

I am engaged! Jenn and Lori have exceptional taste; they are young yet sophisticated and know an enormous network of people. I was not expecting to fall in love so quickly.

Josh G.

I am engaged! Jenn and Lori have exceptional taste; they are young yet sophisticated and know an enormous network of people. I was not expecting to fall in love so quickly.

Jacqueline N.

What happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily always stay in Vegas – especially when Jenn is your matchmaker. She made an immediate connection with Chris the love of my life out at a club one night and realized that we had so many similarities, so she set us up on the spot. Two and a half years later, we are happily living together in Miami with our adorable puppy Freddie. Thank you Jenn for finding love for the both of us!! We couldn’t be more grateful.xoxo

Matt Titus
Relationship Expert / Author / TV Personality

Finally 2 matchmakers that walk the walk and talk the talk! They embody what love truly is through their successful marriages and family values. Please let them help you find what they have in their lives: true love.

Meredith B.

I signed up with Project Soulmate in January of 2011. Lori and Jenn were very friendly and professional, and worked hard to get to know me. They helped me to distinguish what I wanted versus what I needed in a potential partner. Right at our first meeting, they suggested that Eric and I would be very compatible, and put us in contact with each other. When I met Eric we had a great rapport, and were excited by and drawn to each other. While we were first dating, I would continue to meet with Lori and Jenn for advice, feedback and opinions that allowed better insight into how I dated. Eric and I were married October of 2012 and are now happily watching our first born learn how to crawl. I would say, without a doubt, that I owe my current happiness and family to the efforts of Project Soulmate.

Kira S.

I have Jenn and Lori to thank for introducing me to the love of my life, Jenn’s brother! A year and a half later, I not only gained the most amazing man as my husband, but I am equally as lucky to have the most caring, fun, and loving sister-in-law! I am especially fortunate to be married to my true match, but also to have a sister and best friend in Jenn.