It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas so prepare your wallets to give your date the best gift ever. Here are a few grand slam ideas to make your significant other love you forever:

For boys: Treat him to tickets to his favorite sports team. Boys love sports because sports= beer and tailgating. What better way to celebrate than with his favorite hobbies. This way he can enjoy something he loves and with someone he loves.

Give him the gift of time with a new fossil watch. You want your man to look nice for you, give him an accessory he can use for multiple occasions, like going to work or going out with his friends.

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Spice things up by giving him Dior Cologne, its a masculine scent that is superb for men who admire the smell of cologne. It’s known for being simple, sophisticated and pure.

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This holiday always make sure your man look fresh and is clean shaved. You can’t bring home to the parents looking like a grizzly bear. Check out the mancave’s original man’s grooming kit sold in stores at Target.

Treat your man to something more intimate with a personalized gift. This holiday give him a personalized whiskey barrel, with its peak flavor it’s aged to fulfill his taste buds to perfection.

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For the girls: A night out on the town in The Big Apple with dinner and followed by ice-skating at the Rockefeller center. Treat her to a fancy dinner and a hot chocolate while you skate around the tree.

Show her how much she means to you by defining the relationship with a Tiffany bracelet or pair of earrings. Give her this lavish gift that she can show off to her friends. This simple gesture that will remind her of you every time she wears it.

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Coco Chanel perfume is a fruity floral scent that is light and fresh. Allure her senses with the gift of enchantment.

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Winter is a harsh time for dry skin, especially dry hands. With the Philosophy handbook set you can’t go wrong. It’s accessible and comes in travel size so it’s easily reachable. This way you always have a soft hand to hold.

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Women love to wine. It comes in various brands and predominately in two broad colors, red and white. Now the dilemma becomes whether to carry it or use a picnic basket. However there’s a resolution for that, with this reliable spill proof wine caddy. It comes in lively colors and holds up to two liter bottles of wine.

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WRITTEN BY: Holly Kiffer