Money Talk in Relationships: How to Avoid Conflict

2013-07-17 Money Talk post

It is no secret that money is an awkward subject to discuss with a partner. In fact it is the number one thing that couples argue about. So how does a couple avoid this uncomfortable conversation? They key is communication. It is vital for both partners to have a complete understanding of the duo’s financial situation. This is especially key when it comes to marriage which usually means shared accounts. You must know your partners spending habits as well as financial history. Knowing the truth about your partner’s finances will help to avoid many major financial conflicts. And like your partner, you must also disclose your own financial history. Secondly it is important to discuss budgets with your partner. Spending on something big that is not agreed upon feels like stealing. Money is the biggest source of conflict in relationships; so avoid this argument by being financially responsible and knowledgeable about you and your partner’s financial capabilities.

However, dating and marriage are two completely different situations. When it comes to dating, I am all about chivalry. The man should go into a date expecting to pay for the woman. If the guy is in a tight financial situation, then be creative and pick an inexpensive date. With that being said, the woman should occasionally offer and insist to pay. This is especially important when you are consistently dating a person because let’s be honest, dating does get expensive. The girl does not want to appear cheap or as if she is using the guy. This will help show her own financial responsibility and interest in this guy.

Money is a touchy subject, but it doesn’t need to be. Communicate with your partner and be honest about your financial capabilities. Avoiding financial arguments will guarantee a more successful relationship.

by Jenni Jacobs





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