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Mobile dating services apps: (tindr, SCRUFF, grindr, etc..) Do they work or is it a recipe for disaster? How honest and trusting are these apps? Will they find you a committed relationship?

Nick: The apps in the gay community are used way more for hooking up and not for dates. I don’t know many people who have actually formed relationships through these apps. A lot of the time it is late at night, they send pictures and only want sex. Tinder is especially weird because it links with facebook so you can find out their interests and get to see more than one person. Grindr has a GPS where you can actually see how far away somebody is. I have had both, I prefer Tinder because I feel it is more legit. Grindr is a bunch of creepy people and fake profiles. People on Grindr will send you pictures without you even asking. On Tinder you can either like someone or dislike someone and they will not know unless they like you back, then it is a match. So it is a fair system and if anything just boosts your confidence.

Kayleigh: Just based on how much of a joke people already treat these kind of apps, they aren’t the primary medium you should use to find a true, committed relationship. They’re based off of materialistic, narcissistic judgment calls, which is no way to establish a relationship. You never really know and there are no standards that users are held to, so there’s no guarantee that the information you’re receiving about the other person is at all accurate. Maybe if you’re not looking for a serious relationship at all, but even then they can be dangerous if you know nothing about the person going into meeting them and have no verification of the person that they are.

Jenni: Mobile dating apps like a Grindr and Tinder are very different than online dating. Online dating is a much more thorough process, which filters people through their interests, religions, and many other categories. Grindr and Tinder are quick and easy ways of meeting people and it is fairly shallow. You choose a person you are interested in based off of a picture and location and not much else. Because it is so easy to use and so easily accessible, the majority of people on these apps are not seriously looking for a match. And that is the problem in a nutshell; these applications do not introduce you to quality, long-term matches. It is for people looking to hook up and have fun. There is nothing wrong with that, but if you are seriously looking for love, this might not be the best avenue to take.





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