How To Be The Best Wingman/Woman For Your Friends


Different personalities react certain ways in certain situations. As a friend, if  you are trying to help a good girlfriend or your best “bro” get a foot in the door with someone they see out that becomes of interest, then there are certain steps that you have to take. It seems that many people don’t know how to be a good wingman, they either scare the person of interest away, or they end up with them, which is why we are here to help you and your friends out!

The first step that everyone has to go by is being one hundred percent committed. Agreeing to be the wingman is sacrificing attention towards you. The focus must be on the friend you are trying to set up. Now this does not mean you can’t talk to anyone, the easiest way to help a friend out is to go for people in pairs of two. Simply walking up to someone at a bar or a table where it is obvious that a pair of girls or guys are looking around for company. Judgment is a key factor in the success of being a good wingman. For girls it is usually easier than for guys and here is why. If you are trying to set up a fellow girlfriend, there are three musts.

1.) Dress to impress. This means flattering but not slutty, a cute black skirt and comfortable top that must match a sexy pair of pumps or heels.

2.) Location. You have to make yourself visible. Request a table near the front and near the bar.

3.) Be approachable. You have to show that you are interested. Flirting without being suggestive. Eye contact and a simple smile can go a long way. For men it is harder but definitely can be successful if you follow the basic rules.

1.) Don’t be too cocky. Confidence is definitely key, but there is a line that can be crossed super easily. When approaching always introduce your friend before yourself. Ask questions that matter including where they are from, why they are where they are, and how they like what they’re doing. Eye contact is a must while talking and asking questions you have to be engaged.

2.) Never do all of the talking. Ask questions that they have to answer in full, not yes/no questions

3.) Be chivalrous but not pushy. Offer a drink but in a polite manner. Women can be turned off if you assume that you are the only outlet to them getting a cocktail. Ask what their favorite kind of beverage is, offer politely, and if they say no respond with something flirty and that might be enough for them to let their guard down .With these steps in mind always try to keep the conversation flowing, and if it doesn’t work move on to the next. There is no reason to force anything the first time meeting people. When introducing your friend make sure you get good vibes from them. If you can tell that they aren’t comfortable take that as a sign that they aren’t interested. It is obvious with people that you are close to if they are feeling it or if there is just nothing there. An absolute must when trying to be a good wingman is making your friend look good. Do not be super obvious that you are trying to do so, just pull in compliments and add in accomplishments. It not only helps you make them look good but it can be a really good conversation continuer or even a topic starter. If the night carries on, conversation flows, and you can tell that there is even the slightest bit of interest or connection then you need to push your friend to get a number.

-Nick Wright


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