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If you online date, you will relate.

Online Dating: The Offspring Pic

No, no, no! That’s right. None. The only place your kids belong in your online dating life, is at home with a sitter or your X while you’re on a date.  All online dating sites have a way for you to indicate if you have children and whether or not you are open to dating someone with children – and that is enough info.

Take baby steps; first focus on attracting someone to YOU, then of course make sure they are right for you. If you are choosing wisely, “right for you” will be also be good for your family.  If you are dating smart, the phase of meeting your kids will be a long way down the road. The last thing you want in a prospective date’s mind is  assumptions and judgements about your previous marriage and the situation they could be getting involved in by dating you. Which is precisely what those adorable pics of your kids plant in their heads. Keep them focused on you and only you. 

So what should be included in your profile pics? Anything that highlights the attractive parts of YOU.  Are you fit, fun, sexy, reserved, conservative, kind, talented, a leader, a philanthropist, a cultured traveler, a clown? Whatever you are, your online dating profile is your ad and you are the brand.  Viewers should get a feel for your personality, what you can bring to a relationship and why they may want to connect with you. On that note – you can simultaneously design your profile to attract a certain type of person you desire.

There are many useful photo and writing strategies for shining amidst the online dating fog – but including your kids in your profile photos is NOT one of them.

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Jane Rudes is a Communication Consultant as well as the Online Division Director at Project Soulmate. Jane is happy to speak with interested prospective online clients about their online profile and other common online dating woes. 

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