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Project Soulmate: Long Term Relationship Tips

Two important tips for improving your long term relationship with your partner. Tip 1: Let there be space in your togetherness. Tip 2: Disconnect with your partner if you want to connect. (And we mean disconnect the electronics!) See the original article on LOVEPOST here. Improve Your Long Term Relationship One tenet to live by: […]

An Interview: All About Project Soulmate with Arthur Kade

ArthurKade & Project Soulmate Watch The Original Project Soulmate VIDEO Interview With Arthur Kade (Click here) Clipped from the adorably sweet Arthur Kade: Lori Zaslow and Jenn Zucher are two of the country’s best matchmakers, and after finishing up their first season of Bravo’s “LoveBroker”, two well known reality stars. With their matchmaking business “Project […]

Do Couples Who Workout Together… Work Out?

Originally written for the Dasha Wellness NYC blog October 11, 2012 Fitness couples. You know ’em.  The hot couple working out together at the gym, prepping for a marathon in Central Park, or going mountain climbing or hiking as their weekend activity. However, sometimes these “fitness couples” get a bad rap. Why is this? Maybe […]

Choosing The Perfect Matching Service For YOUR Love Life

HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST MATCHMAKER FOR YOUR LOVE LIFE Dating Interview: As Matchmakers We Represent You with Lori Zaslow & Jennifer Zucher see the original MyTreat interview here Lori Zaslow and Jennifer Zucher are the duo behind, Project Soulmate, one of Manhattan’s premier matchmakers for elite singles. They were also the stars of the […]

5 Ways To Spot Your Soulmate

5 Ways to Know You’ve Met Your Soulmate, According to Bravo’s Love Broker: Lori Zaslow by Anna Moeslein, Glamour.com http://www.glamour.com/sex-love-life/blogs/smitten/2012/07/10-ways-to-know-youve-met-your.html Assistant editor and entertainment writer. University of Missouri grad. Will listen to any song and watch any TV show, movie, or cute puppy video at least once (but probably twice). Eats ice cream or fro-yo […]

Project Soulmate on Blog Talk Radio

Sometimes finding that special someone seems to be impossible. This is when you bring on the best in Matchmaking in the team of Bravo TV’s Lori Zaslow and Jenn Zucher, collectively they are the founders of Project Soulmate. Lori and Jenn  serve as great entertainment. Not only are they outspoken and prepared to discuss the […]

Blind Date Etiquette

Q: Is it okay to bring up my past relationships? A:  No Ex talk! No one wants to hear about other dudes and ladies on a date, especially your “Ex’s”.  People get intimidated when a man or woman talks about another person they have never met. Q: Who should make the first move after the first date? A:  […]