Which Dating App is Best for You?



Online dating apps thrive off of this never ending cycle of familiarization. You have to get to know someone virtually before you get to know them personally. Liking, messaging, meeting…the whole 9 yards. But even before you get to know him, you have to get to know the dating app. *Sighs*  

Our love experts have reviewed the top dating apps so you can quit trying to figure out the apps and start finding love:

  1. Tinder is a great app to use if you have a tight schedule. It’s very simple to use as most dating apps are. The app allows you to sign in with your Facebook account and once your location services are on you’re ready to start swiping. To the right means you like them and to the left means you’re uninterested. If you’re interested you can click on the profile picture and below it will display ‘common connections’ aka the mutual friends you share so that you can traditionally stalk him or her by asking your friends what they know about “Jack, 21.”
  2. Coffee Meets Bagel is ‘the’ app for introverts. It asks for some information upfront including ethnicity, height, occupation, and hobbies so you don’t have to. One thing that makes this app unique is that it requires an explanation of what you’d appreciate in a date. This helps narrow down who you’re compatible with even before connection. The app will also send you a bagel each day which is a strategic match based off of your interests. This app gets to know how you like your coffee first so that can meet your bagels with ease.
  3. Bumble is the app for the modern woman. On Bumble, only women can make the first move and initiate conversation.When the woman swipes right (similar to Tinder) she has 24 hours to message the guy or she will lose the match. If he does not respond to her message within 24 hours the match is also lost.  This definitely speeds up the process of getting to know a potential. However, it may filter out potential male dates who may not like the idea of waiting for a message.
  4. Happn has a more relaxed vibe. You can only see the profiles of people you’ve crossed paths with in the real world. You will only be able to message each other after you’ve both ‘liked’ each other. This makes breaking the ice easier because you will be able to share experiences you’ve made at the mutual location. Maybe it’s your favorite restaurant or his terrible date.
  5. Howaboutwe is for those looking for more face-to-face contact and less digital dating. The selling point is that you have to describe your perfect date scenario (a walk on the beach or a dinner and a movie) to create an account. From there you can use their play page which gives you a fun way to find dates. One ‘game’ on the play page is the “speed date.” This simply means you will be presented with other user profiles and date ideas and you have to select yes or no (similar to Tinder’s swipe right or left). Another interesting feature is Tonight, which lets users pick date ideas in real time in hopes of encouraging impromptu dates.

With all of the dating apps available, it can be difficult to pick one that’s right for you. Since most of the apps are relatively safe, millionaire matchmaker Jennifer Zucher suggests testing out a few and figuring out which app will best satisfy your individual needs.


Written by Christina Madera

Can a relationship with a flirt work?


We all know the best way to get into the Halloween spirit is with a scary story. Here’s mine: Girl falls for a flirt – the end.


Whether you think flirting is when he likes her pictures on Instagram or when she laughs too loudly at his jokes, one thing is for certain: There is no universal definition for ‘flirting.’ Seriously, try looking up ‘flirt’ on any search engine. What you’ll find is its textbook definition and pronunciation. What you’ll miss are the negative connotations associated with the word. Cheater, sinner, dog.


Today, we associate flirting with feelings of jealousy, anger, and irritation. Describe your lover as a “flirt” to anyone in your circle and watch as they convince you your relationship has 7 days to live.


Millionaire Matchmaker Lori Zaslow says flirting will not ruin a relationship and here are the reasons why:


Flirting does not always mean there is attraction.

Some people flirt for 5 seconds of attention and then move on. Others flirt to chase the rush they get when interacting with someone new. I flirt for free drinks (and I know I’m not the only one). The truth is everyone flirts; from married adults to children. Flirting is a natural thing and it’s meant to be casual and playful.


If your potential partner-to-be enjoys a good flirt session every now and then it’s fine. That does not mean that they find another woman more attractive than you or that you’ve lost your touch. Stop overthinking it: Flirting is just flirting.


Flirting can be a good thing.

Flirting makes you feel good and boosts your self-confidence. Think about how bomb you feel when a woman notices you’ve been working out. It doesn’t matter if the woman is your best friend’s 65-year-old grandmother. A genuine compliment will not only spark up a conversation but it will make someone’s day as well.


Studies show that flirting is healthy for you. It is said that positive initial impressions caused by flirting releases dopamine into our brains.


Flirting is not cheating.

Flirting will never be cheating. There are only two types of people that confuse flirting for cheating:


  1. To the overly jealous uber sensitive type: You consider nearly everything as cheating. Messaging other men, dancing with other women, and even having friends of the opposite sex. You are ruining your relationship because you jump to conclusion the minute you get a flirtatious vibe. Unfortunately, there does not exist a single person walking on this earth that won’t flirt. If you can’t deal with innocent flirting then you should stay a bachelor(ette). The harsh reality is if they tell you they don’t flirt, they either don’t know when they’re flirting or they’re a good liar and definitely flirt behind closed doors.


To avoid losing your relationship to insecurities get to know your partner better. If you know your SO personality well enough then you will easily be able to tell when they are only flirting. You should trust that your partner would not cheat on you just because they can.


  1. The disrespectful type: You consider nearly everything to be flirting. From hidden sexual innuendos to physical and inappropriate touching. These things are not flirting they’re gross. You are ruining your relationship because you’re flirting with the idea of being single. You are just touching the boundaries line when you should be far from it. Your actions are making your partner doubt you and you’re sending mixed signals to those who you’re “flirting” with.  


To avoid losing your relationship don’t do this. No one deserves to be disrespected especially not by the person they respect the most.


So the answer is yes! A relationship with a flirt can work because everyone is a flirt. As long as you know your partner and trust them, flirting should not be an issue to sleep on the couch over. The only way flirting will ruin a relationship is if you let it. Flirting is just flirting.


Written by Christina Madera