Project Soulmate: Long Term Relationship Tips

Two important tips for improving your long term relationship with your partner.

Tip 1: Let there be space in your togetherness.

Tip 2: Disconnect with your partner if you want to connect. (And we mean disconnect the electronics!)

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Improve Your Long Term Relationship

One tenet to live by: give one another space–it’s important to honor your partner’s needs. Sometimes when someone gets home from work, they need 10 minutes to relax. The second they walk in the door andthey don’t want to answer questions like, “Did you pay the phone bill?” or “We need to send your Mom the thank you card today!” By giving them that 10 minutes, they will be more responsive and engaged as the night goes on. It is also important to remember all of the little things. Once you and your partner are comfortable with each other, that doesn’t mean you get out of dressing nice, doing your hair and expressing your feelings on a regular basis. Keeping a relationship thriving in a positive way is paying attention to details and allowing the relationship to continuously flourish.

(Dis) Connect with Your Partner

One of the most important ways to connect with your partner is to turn off all electronics. Phones, computers, iPads and other electronic devices can put up a barrier between you and your partner. By putting them away, this barrier comes down and a face to face connection is automatically made. Try and have a date night every week, just the two of you. Treat yourselves to alone time together and do something fun! Go for a walk, try something new like ice skating, or play a game of ping pong! You can exercise together by taking a bike ride or taking a spin class. Keep it light and exciting. Talk the night away about anything and everything, stay smiling and laughing and just enjoy yourselves and each others company!